Stop taking yourself so seriously

Part of the 'this much I know' series.


There are times when the smallest and most inconsequential aspects of being get blown beyond any sense of reality. We get caught in the trap of self and become unable and unwilling to see past the minutae of our own lives and into the bigger picture. The symptoms of taking oneself too seriously include;

- Loss of connection with others.
- Inflated sense of self-righteousness.
- Over analysis of patterns that occur within our lives.
- Behaving as if our needs are the centre of everything.

Basically, we end up believing our own hype and start to behave like the sun shines right our of our backsides, and that the entire world revolves around us. If you recognise these patterns, donate a favour in your own direction and give it a rest.


Play-dough on polystyrene and card.

Fishing wire. Always with the fishing wire.

Paper and pen.

An amount of patience that I hope never needs
summoning ever again.

- Update 3 years after above sentence. There's been loads of fishing wire and most encounters have involved patience. I'm pretty much certain most of the industry is funded by people dangling things from the ceiling.