Qualité Motel

Music Video for the single 'Enselle Gretel'


Julien Vallee was commissioned by beloved Montreal Popsters 'Mister Valaire' to create their first visual outing as 'Qualité Motel', a much hyped side project.

I've been told the song's a raunchy affair, something to do with girls wanting / not wanting to sleep with boys. The boys - I presume - always want to sleep with the girls.

The concept stood as one of these female types being trapped in a house, finding herself back where she began with each attempt to leave. Each room she passed through contained a scenario that was to unfold further with each passing. Julien and I fleshed out the scenarios found in each room, creating 5 small mini narratives.


Time and budget constraints a plenty. Nothing ever changes.

Decking a room from top to bottom in hung woollen thread in 30 minutes.

Attempting to light 20 hanging sparklers, leaving enough time to exit the room, start shooting, re-enter the room and film the scene before the said sparklers sparkled their last.

Containing laughter as our overweight superhero struggled to balance atop a podium constructed for a man of significantly lesser girth.

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Réalisateur | Julien Vallée
Production | Louve Media
Productrice | Véronique Tessier
Directrice de production | Caroline Becker
Directeur photo | Gabriel Brault Tardif
Directeurs artistique | Carolyne De Bellefeuille & Julien Vallée
Stylistes | Carolyne De Bellefeuille & Élyse Bédard
Maquilleuse | Lorie Hamel
Monteur | Julien Vallée
Colorisation | Jérôme Cloutier [ Vision globale ]
Composition numérique | Mathieu Arvisais [ Vision globale ]
Multi-tasking intern | Will Vincent

Comédiens :

Catherine Antaki Tranchida
Catherine Simard
Ariane Louis-Seize-Plouffe
Guillaume Vallée
Guillaume Déziel
Guy Pruneau