Pop Montreal 2012 Teaser

Promotional Video


Cedric approached me with this outlandish idea he'd had for a promotional video; physically animating computer graphics using old school flick book / stop frame techniques.

With the posters already in existence our good friend Remi Vincent took care of animating their constituent parts so they cohesively morphed into one another. This then left yours truly the task of figuring out how we applied these animations to the real world.

I like a challenge.


A highly bastardised version of the perfect binding technique.

Plenty of fishing wire, industrial strength adhesive, determination, an ability to function without food or sleep.

Managing to scale the sides of Montreal's Rialto theatre in order to throw paper off it at 1am; having been working on the shoot for the previous 36 hours and continuing to be shit-scared of heights.

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Produced and Directed by Cedric Laurenty
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Mike Mason
Director of Photography: SPG
Motion Design: Rémi Vincent
Tactile Design: Will Vincent
Production Assistant: Olivier Mirat
Post Production: Cedric Laurenty

Music: Grounders - Crown Land