Good things

Series of 50 greetings cards, selected excerpts.


Fresh out of University, determined to make some $$$ with my own two hands, completely clueless as how to go about it.

Having paid for the previous festive season with greetings cards banged two at a time out of my Epson, a friend suggested I produce a whole range and try and get it into the shops. And so I did. And so the saga began.

Long story short, I ended up running a successful greetings cards business for a year, got sucked into this alternate publishing niche I've absolutely no desire to ever be a part of again, nearly had a nervous breakdown and fled the country.

The entire range is now in the hands of Redback publishing, any wholesale enquiries - best talk to them. If you're desperate, then i'll bootleg designs of your choice for a pack of smokes.


I've always made childish observations on life for my own amusement, it's a survival tactic, if you can't make fun of something then it's beaten you - this observation gets applied to as many waking hours as it's remembered.

The black and white scribbles come from a complete inability to make ink resemble what I actually want, the path of least resistance seems to be giving zero shits and just outputting what comes naturally. Which isn't the most dignified of illustration, but it does the job.

Special mention in this section must go to the now complete useless ability to fold, pack and sort 2000 greetings cards in 24 hours.

Photography by Tim Johnson