Glade Signs

A series of subverted road-signs created for Glade festival.


From the Glade program;

"The possibility of escaping from officialdom for three days? Not on my watch. A series of signs has been erected to remind you to look over your shoulder and trust no-one, especially yourself...

Playing on the paranoid nuances we all experience at one time or another during these musical shindigs, the aim of this installation is to capture festival cliches and turn them back on those at the very heart of the event."


Possibly the most labour intensive project i've ever undertaken; one of those ideas that seems relatively simple on paper, until the fateful day 192 square foot of wood was delivered to the studio.

Working on the most minimal of budgets this turned into a saga of pure handmade love; a veritable feast of power tools, begged/borrowed/stolen paint, craft knives galore and ozone bashing amounts of adhesive.

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This project would've been impossible without the friendship, manpower, advice and driving licenses of
Tom Harper,
Susan Crozier
and Ben Silvestre.