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Creative type focusing on the handmade in all it's formats.

Experience art directing, as a member of the art department, prop design and fabrication, set design / building, carpentry.

Currently based in London, England. Equipped with tools and van.

Will attempt absolutely anything.


Past clients include

James Gilpin / Commissioned by you
RTE France
Banque Nationale / National Bank of Canada
Little Burgundy
The Aldo Group
Vallée Duhamel
The Walrus
Robert Marcel Lepage
Sid Lee
Gaz Metro
Air Canada
Karim Zariffa
Lacoste L!ve
Julien Vallée
Fonds de Solidarité FTQ
Juste Pour Rire
Gabriel Poirier Galarneau / GPG
Pop Montreal
Glade Festival
Lush Ltd